Light Up Shoes Nike Air Max 90 Evolved Footwear

Honestly, we don’t have an obsession with customizing the Nike Air Max 90. They are just such a classic base it’s hard not to pass up the chance when we come across a pair that we think could use our custom look. Making this the 10th pair in our 1 of 1 Project Series, this is our first take on a multi-colored elephant print in years. Well, maybe it’s multi-toned as it holds two shades of blue upon the mudguard area in our engraved interpretation of Nike’s elephant print. Of course they are in theme with our blue LED lights. Finished off with another set of our EF logo lace locks.

This pair can be yours in size 11 here in the 1 of 1 section of our Online Shop. If something like this appeals to you we can always create a similar version in your own size. Message us via the Contact page to inquire.

Custom Painted Nike Air Max 90s

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