EF Concepts: Asics Gel Lyte III Light Up Shoes


If you take a look around our site you’ll notice that 99.99% of our work has been Nikes that we turn into LED sneakers. Plain and simple the anatomy of Nike Air Max sneakers work better than any other brand for our retrofitting process. Of course, none of the sneakers we use are designed for having LED lights added to them. Over time we just happened to create a light setup that works around the prebuilt shoe well enough for a wearable pair of light up sneakers. But with so many brands in the world, we are constantly testing and tinkering to see if others can work with our lights. So we’ve decided to start sharing our experiments on other brands in a series we’ll call EF Concepts.

This first pair in our series is of the classic and now ever so popular Asics Gel Lyte III. We took to this retro runner with our green lights set into the heel with 10 LEDs per shoe. The result is a look we definitely think looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, the split tongue on these is pretty funky so they don’t offer a comfortable setting for our battery pack. So for now, these Asics will have to stay in the EF Concepts folder.

We have a few more pairs lined up to share but we’d love to hear some different ideas of shoes to use. So let us know an idea you’d like to see via Facebook, TwitterInstagram, or Content Source



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