Every pair of shoes seen on this site began as a simple, boring, off the store shelf product. Those boring shoes are retrofitted (aka customized, altered, changed, improved) with LED lights through a tested process. The result is a transformed, fully wearable pair of light up shoes ready to get people talking.

What are you buying? Watch below…..


HISTORY: How did Evolved Footwear come about?

The moniker Evolved Footwear was chosen in 2004 by Brandon Laskowski to put an identity in front of his sneaker customization efforts. It was in January of 2001 Brandon first began customizing after stumbling across a few artists online sharing their organized processes for painting leather shoes. Over time Brandon gave new custom life to countless shoes with materials such as paint, reflective fabric, wood veneer, engraved patterns and eventually lights.

Brandon first added lights to a pair of sneakers in late 2004. At that point it became so much more than just changing a shoe’s colors. Starting in 2005 customers across the globe were offered the ability to order their own customs through Evolved-Footwear.com. Steadily since then countless pairs were ruined, new techniques were successful, ideas failed, and Brandon’s processes of customizing shoes with lights were slowly perfected. Over those years he has seen what was once a hobby grow at a rapid pace into its own art-form with multiple sneaker customizers using different techniques, styles, and designs to offer amazing works of wearable art.

The last few years men and women, young and old have found Evolved Footwear as the answer to their search for adult light up shoes. As of 2012 it became time to separate from the pack of sneaker customizers and focus upon what Evolved Footwear had become known for….

More than just a website to order shoes, Evolved Footwear is a full fledged entity dedicated to helping people enjoy life and #LIGHTENUPBRO!